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May 8th, 2004

browniebox @ 04:34 am: Coming soon!
Ai Yazawa's art book will be instored within 2 weeks!
I can hardly wait!I always love to see her art work.
I've been collecting her old magazines.

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April 20th, 2004

browniebox @ 11:18 pm: The site you can download NANA`s background picture.
I found the site where you can download NANA`s background picture.
There were some more interesting things too.
Again,it`s in Japanese.


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browniebox @ 10:31 pm: Let`s talk people!
Hi, I just made a community for fan of Ai Yazawa.
Well, if you want to talk about something eles,let me hear you.
You are always welcome at this comminuty.

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